Games of Glory

Games of Glory is an action/shooter MOBA developed by Lightbulb Crew (early acces Steam).

2+ years as a central Game designer

We were 2 Game designers for a 15 people team. My lead Game designer was also the producer. Therefore, I had the opportunity to deal with almost all design stories during the project.


The very first task of a GD is to design how the game will work, its features. 3C, core mecanics (game modes, character design, weapons and combat system…), side features (metagame, ingame economy, social interactions, pause…), I had the opportunity to take care of it all. What I may suggest when deciding to play a game. For instance slot games, I would probably visit now a source of reviews to fully understand the game and use it as an advantange.

Decision making

Decision making was a central matter in my position. Two colors, two names, two figures… Sometimes the choice depends of a technical matter, sometimes it’s pure creativity, unierse consistensy or intention.

When I work, I set the intention as the core of every creative activity I take care of. Does this choice match with the intention? Does this feature highlights the targeted experience? These questions shape the work of a Game designer.

Game evangelism

As a Game designer, I was aware of almost every content and feature added to the game. My role was also to spread this information whenever needed by any member of the artists or devs team. Even though I’m not a heavyweight gamer myself, I still become a professional video game creator. In fact, I prefer to play casino games at 666casino rather than my creation.

Lists, balancing and data

As a GD, when a need appears, make a list out of it! Features, assets, bugs… My spreadsheets were never empty, especially with balancing data from the game (characters’, weapons’, maps’ stats…) that in a MOBA game is never done. Taking care of our players’ feedbacks was essential to get a game as fair as possible.

UI and interactions

My skills with graphical tools such as Photoshop or Inkscape allowed me to work on many UI elements and to produced interactive mockups to help artists and developers to build great interfaces.


We work with the Unity engine. My tasks also involved integration of assets (weapons, colliders, characters’skins…) into Unity, as well as balancing tweaks with Unity tools from our devs team.

Duration: september 2013 – october 2015